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GDPR 1 question
  • What should you do to be GDPR-ready?


    The European Union has taken a monumental step in protecting the fundamental right to privacy for every EU resident with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be effective from May 25, 2018. Simply put, EU residents will now have greater say over what, how, why, where, and when their personal data is used, processed, or disposed. This rule clarifies how the EU personal data laws apply even beyond the borders of the EU. Any organization that works with EU residents’ personal data in any manner, irrespective of location, has obligations to protect the data. Claire is well aware of its role in providing the right tools and processes to support its users and customers meet their GDPR mandates.

    Claire’s Commitment

    At Claire, we have always honored our users’ right to data privacy and protection. We have never relied on advertising as a revenue stream. We have never served ads to our users. This means that we have no necessity to collect and process users’ personal information beyond what is required for the functioning of our products. We already have strong Data Processing Agreements, and we are revising them to meet the requirements of the GDPR. Claire Corporation participates in and has its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. We recognize that the GDPR will help us move towards the highest standards of operations in protecting customer data.

    How is Claire preparing for GDPR?

    With a cloud application used by 2000+ users across 4 countries, Claire is gearing up to be GDPR compliant across all of its application, by the time the regulation comes into effect. As a data processor, Claire understands its obligation to help customers get ready for the big day. We have thoroughly analyzed GDPR requirements and have put in place a website where you can find all the information you need. Some of our ongoing initiatives are:

    • Identifying personal data – providing a roadmap for compliance in the days leading up to implementation.
    • Providing visibility and transparency – The most important aspect of GDPR is how the collected data is used. As a data processor, Claire’s key role is to provide our customers (the data controllers) with the access to effectively manage and protect their user data. Claire is exploring ways to make optimal product enhancements without compromising on performance so that we can provide better transparency to our customers.
    • Enhancing data integrity and security – As our customers tighten their data security measures, Claire would like to extend a helping hand. We’re streamlining the processes for our cloud applications by implementing IT policies and procedures that provide end-to-end security.
    • Portability and transferability of data – GDPR gives end users the right to either receive all the data provided and processed by the controller or transfer it to another controller depending on technical feasibility. With this new right in mind, Claire is working on further enhancing its data exporting capabilities to enable export even at the individual level.

    What does this mean for our customers?

    We understand that meeting the GDPR requirements will take a lot of time and effort. And as your partner, we want to help you make your process as seamless as possible, so that you don’t have to worry about compliance and can focus more on running your business. Some of our product enhancements are about to make it easier for you to:

    • Provide access controls
    • Encrypt, anonymize or delete user data
    • Perform data audits or assessments using data processing logs
    • Create provisions for data subjects rights
    • Enhance security for user data

    What should you do to be GDPR-ready?

    If you are just getting started with GDPR compliance in your organization, here’s a quick to-do list to keep in mind.

    • Create a data privacy team to oversee GDPR activities and raise awareness
    • Review current security and privacy processes in place & where applicable, revise your contracts with third parties & customers to meet the requirements of the GDPR
    • Identify the Personally Identifiable Information (PII)/Personal data that is being collected
    • Analyze how this information is being processed, stored, retained and deleted
    • Assess the third parties with whom you disclose data
    • Establish procedures to respond to data subjects when they exercise their rights
    • Establish & conduct Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
    • Create processes for data breach notification activities
    • Continuous employee awareness is vital to ensure continual compliance to the GDPR

    Claire – Customer – Customer data and GDPR

    Claire is a Data Processor it means that we process / store data that we receive from your systems or manual put into or systems by You the Data Controller

    Data we process: We receive and store Personal data from your customers as Name, Title or Gender, email, Phone nr, adres. – General Car and Workorder information.

    Data WE DO NOT Process: or store Special personal information like, religion, way of life, race, political art, health, personal financial situation, social security nr.

    Claire will not share or deliver data with other companies without your permission, except for the company’s we use to process and store or data as provided into this document.

    Claire is using Google Cloud Services and is GDPR compliant. We store data in Google datacenters in Belgium and The Nederlands. We use zoho analytics and Google analytics to analyse the use of or software and build reports for the Controller. V20180520.01


    GDPR – AVG Claire

    Claire – dataovervieuw

Support 4 questions
  • Waarom opent de PDF niet?

    Heeft u problemen met het openen van een PDF?

    Heeft u problemen met het openen een de PDF in Claire dan kan dit komen omdat u browers de pop-up blokkeerd.
    Dit wordt dan rechts in de Url-balk weergegeven.
    Door hier op te klikken kunt u de pop-up toestaan.
    zoals hier onder in de afbeelding weergegeven.

  • Waarom komen niet alle interventie’s uit EVA in Claire?

    Hoe krijgt u alle interventie’s vanuit EVA in Claire?

    Het kan voorkomen dat niet alle interventie’s vanuit EVA in Claire komen. Dit heeft te maken met het feit dat de interventie’s die uit ServiceBox worden gehaald niet automatische op de planning komen te staan. Hieronder wordt stap voor stap beschreven op welke manier interventies vanuit ServiceBox ook op de planning van EVA getoond kunnen worden.

    Na dat de werkorder verrijkt is in ServiceBox (na werkvoorbereiding af aanvullende werkzaamheden na inspectie van de auto) en vanuit ServiceBox is teruggestuurd naar EVA, Volg dan de onderstaande stappen.

    1. Open RO in EVA en klik op planning

    2. Er zal een pop-up in beeld komen. U klikt hierbij op “interv./omscherving” en klikt daarna op de “OK” button

    3. Een nieuw pop-up scherm verschijnt in beeld waarbij u de interventie kan kopieeren van facturatie naar planning. Sut doet u door de relevante regel te selecteren en op het pijltje in het midden te klikken.

    4. omdat de interventie nu in de planning wordt weergegeven, zal deze ook(na enige tijd) in Claire worden opgenomen.

  • Wat moet ik doen als wij van DMS gaan wisselen?

    Wat moet u doen als er binnen uw organisatie van DMS gewijzigd wordt?

    Wanneer u van DMS gaat veranderen binnen uw organisatie is het van belang dit vroegtijdig( minimaal 2 maanden) bij Claire aan te geven.

    Dit kunt u doen door het aanmaken van een support ticket.

    Het is van belang dat u hierin aangeeft naar welk DMS u overstapt en per wanneer u overstapt.

    Ons Team kan op deze wijze kijken of wij Support bieden aan uw nieuwe DMS leverancier.

    Hierna zal contact opgenomen worden met u om de benodigde technische gegevens te bespreken.

    DMS systemen waar Claire Support aan bied:

    EVA BE

    EVA in de Cloud



    NT Car





  • Hoe koppel ik Claire met Servicebox

    Hoe koppelt u Claire met Servicebox

    Voorbereiding om Claire te koppelen met Servicebox

    Om Claire te koppelen met Servicebox is het van belang dat u over een eigen Claire account en een eigen werkplek nummer in servicebox beschikt. Indien u niet beschikt over uw eigen werkplek nummer zal u deze bij de it afdeling van de organisatie waar u werkzaam bent moeten aanvragen.

    Stap 1: Open de werkorder in Claire

    Klik in het overzichtsscherm op het werkordernummer van een afspraak.

    Stap 2: Open Servicebox vanuit Claire

    Open Servicebox door op de S button te klikken die u links bovenin het scherm onder de foto van de auto. (de Servicebox button is de knop met de S)

    Stap 3: Login met uw D-nummer

    Vul uw D-nummer in met het bijbehorende wachtwoord.

    Stap 4: Ga naar uw profiel

    U kunt naar uw profiel gaan door rechts bovenin op mijn profiel te klikken

    Stap 5: Bevestig applicatie instellingen

    Klik op bevestigen zoals hiernaast is weergegeven.

    Stap 6: Selecteer uw werkplek nummer

    Scroll naar beneden en dan kunt u hier uw werkplek selecteren.

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