5 reasons why to start a digital work order?

The average workplace lags behind with digitization. Where the paper sales order had already been replaced 10 years ago by a digital version, we are still walking with pen and paper in the workshop … 5 reasons why after sales should also go to a digital work order (process).

1. No more doctor’s handwriting. It is not always easy to read the handwriting of your colleagues. How nice would it be if they all had the same font? This would prevent many misunderstandings within the process.

2. Never search again, You never have to search for all those work orders lying around. Now you just have them all digitally in 1 overview and you know exactly what the status of the work order is!

3. Good for the environment, Less costs for paper and toners. This is a nice side effect that is not only good for the environment but also for the wallet.

4. No more archiving, Now that everything is digital, the work orders are automatically archived. This saves a lot of time and hassle, not only with cleaning up but also with possibly looking up old work orders.Claire digitale werkorder

5. Less waste of time on walking and waiting. mechanics will be more productive within the after-sales process. They no longer have to go to the reception or warehouse with the paper work order, but can simply continue working. Ideal!


Olso read: 

traditional after sales processes are due for replacementg toe!

Do you also want to make the move to 1 truth? Towards a digital after-sales process? Contact our after sales specialist today and make an appointment!