The software tool Claire

Claire supports every little step within the after-sales process thanks to a digital work orders, a EVHC module, clear process steps and customer communication. In addition, Claire generates reports that make all actions transparent and measurable.

  • Digital work order
  • Electronic Vehicle Health Check (EVHC)
  • Process management
  • Customer Communication
  • Detailed reporting

Process management

The core of Claire is process management. Claire supports every step within the digital aftersales process, It’s all starting with work order preparation, right up to the return of the car to the customer. Every step is recorded during this process. By this way we make all actions visible to all staff within the after-sales process. Like that we avoid confusion and make any action transparent.

The result

A clear and transparent process brings more structure and a better flow within the after sales process, so more peace in the workplace and more time for the customer. This results in higher customer satisfaction. More turnover per workplace with an improvement in the wage-parts ratio. So we are going to sell more parts per invoiced hour. A higher efficiency whereby 1650 invoiced hours per technician is the rule rather than the exception. can you count with us?


Claire digitizes the entire after-sales process from start to finish

Digital work order

The digital work order in Claire is available for both the desktop and the android tablet app. Thanks to a connection between Claire and your DMS or GMS, Claire collects all the information needed in order to provide the digital work order with the correct information. This includes specific data such as details about appointments and cars.

Claire digitale werkorder screen

Electronic Vehicle Health Check



With the EVHC module, the complete state of the car is recorded transparently for both the customer and employees.

Traffic light methodology

Claire uses the traffic light methodology. This way it is clear to everyone what is good and what is not.

Photo & video

The findings are visually supported with photos and videos, on doing so we make them transparent for the customer.

Detailed reporting

All actions and process steps are measured in Claire. As a result, the reporting module quickly shows where potential bottlenecks are, where things are going well and where improvements are possible. That way we can get a little better every day!

Claire evhc rapportage

Connections to DMS systems

Claire has connections with various Dealer Management Systems (DMS or GMS) including: Eva, Autoline, Autoline DRIVE, ICAR, Wincar, NTcar, Myengine and Carsys. Through it we guarantee  that the relevant information becomes available in Claire, thus avoiding duplication!

Start your digital aftersales with Claire!