Release notes

Claire 7.7.0 release notes

By February 7, 2019 No Comments

We are happy to announce that Claire version 7.7.0. will be released for general use tomorrow!

 One of the biggest improvements and changes:
  • Browser warning by status change
  • Adding a file in the car detailpage
  • Upgrade on the layout of the PDF file

New features

Browser warning by status change

Many users did ask for a warning or pop-up when the proces status (of the appointment) is changed. So we created the browser tabblad warning. This means when the status of the appointment is changed the green Claire icon in the browser tabblad wilt change into orange.


Adding a file in the car detailpage

From now it’s possible to add an external file in the car detailpage. For example to add a FIC for your warrentyproces. You can add different type of file’s.

Function update’s

Mouse over for the pin function and snooze function

When you go with your cursor over the pin or snooze icon there will come a little pop-up with the reason why this item is pinned ore snoozed.
*This is only in the car detailpage.
*This item is not available for Internet Explorer.

Option to delete Interventions that where manual added.

Now you have the possibility to remove/delete a manual added intervention on the appointment.

New pop-up  when you open the PDF-file

When you open the PDF file in Claire, Claire will first open a pop-up where you can see a preview of the PDF file. Aside of this you have got the choice if you want to print or download the PDF file.

Upgrade on the layout of the PDF file

We made a couple of changes in the PDF file. The most notable changes are the icons from the tablet and desktop have been transferred to the PDF file.


fixed bugs;

  • Password reset page bug Internet Exploror
  • Supervisor accounts search don’t give result Main Screen
  • No scrollbar on chat on Support page