Claire 7.2.0 Released

By October 31, 2018 No Comments

After a month of mostly bug-fixing, we’re releasing Claire 7.2.0 to the public. We fixed over 20 small bugs reported on Claire v7, that’s supposed to leave beta stage in the following weeks.

Most notable changes include improvement to new appointment dialog and working around faster using ESC to close all windows.


New Features


New appointment dialog improvements

Besides clearing up some inconsistencies, the major improvement is that now you can retrieve customer’s previous cars. No need to type in anything, search for a customer, then retrieve and select one of customer’s previous cars:

Close dialogs with ESC key

Instead of having to press the Close button with mouse, you can now work even faster by using ESC key to close most of the windows/dialogs.


Customer communication icons

We’re preparing a release of one of our biggest new feature – Customer communication. You might be seeing new icons popping up in appointment detail page soon.


Small improvements / fixes

  • RDW page redesigned
  • Fixed snooze and pin icon alignment
  • Fixed new support tickets not being at top
  • Fixed V7 Photos not showing in DMS interventions
  • Fixed checklist PDF report not working in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed role filters on user overview page not working