Claire 7.1.0 Released

By October 31, 2018 No Comments

We’re happy to announce that Claire version 7.1.0 is released today and available for general use. This release includes lots of new features and design inconsistency fixes.

Major improvements were made regarding Snoozed items. They are now visible on car detail page and are less confusing to use.

Throughout the application, password indicators are now visible. You’ll be able to see how secure your password is and can you use it on Claire.

New Features


Snoozed items overview on car detail page

Opening car detail page now shows all snoozed items for that car. Clicking on them will lead you to appointment detail page.


Password reset form is multilingual and requires secure password

Emails you receive when resetting password and password reset form are now on your dealer language of choice. When inputting a new password, you will be required the input a secure password.

The graphic above the password box will help you do that.



Pinned items are updated real-time on dashboard

Pinning, unpinning and updating pinned items will now be immediately visible on dashboard.


Reinstating user after deletion

As a dealer admin, you can now reinstate a deleted user by going to User overview page, finding the deleted user, clicking on the edit and then Reinstate button.



Improvements / Changes:


Fixed icons alignment, size and shape on appointment detail page


 Car ready status is shown only after customer approves the check