Who is Claire?

The business community has an important share in a more sustainable future. The car industry has been under a magnifying glass for years when it comes to the environmental aspect. Since 2013 Claire focuses on one specific aspect within sustainability: the way of working. This makes Claire Automotive Support the answer to the growing need for less waste and more efficiency.

Claire stands for Customer Loyalty Achieves Increasing Revenue Effect. Freely translated: more customer loyalty, resulting in higher sales. The bridge to sustainability? Because every form of waste, directly or indirectly, touches our world. We came up with: if we develop a process management tool that ensures of all employees and customers are connected in the proces, we create a sustainable basis for business. With Claire, car companies are not only ready for today’s customers, but also for the future.

What we do

Claire is a unique, process driven tool that allows various after sales departments to work together like a oiled machine. The result: more overview and transparency, fewer waiting times and less time wasted in the workplace. Workshop, warehouse and reception correspond with each other flawlessly via a special software program developed in-house.

The digital dashboard shows all information in 3 clicks, both for employees and for the customer. Claire has calculated: who does his job first time right sees his efficiency increase by 40%. It adds up the time that you save on the one hand, 10-15% extra invoiced hours and € 35, – to € 55, – more turnover per work order. Plus a satisfied customer counts for two. Do the math?

Claire EVHC

The Claire process management tool has been developed in practice to optimize the after-sales process within the automotive industry. Claire has also developed an EVHC software module within the process management tool.

In addition to using Color, the technician can add photos and videos. By adding the photo and videos in EVHC software, we make it clear for the customer.

The fact is that EVHC software makes a report of the check and sends the service adviser and displays it in the Claire dashboard. The service adviser can print the EVHC software here to go through it with the customer.

Of course there is also the possibility to send this digitally to the customer. The report that the customer receives contains the advised additional work which the technician has previously observed with EVHC software.

How Claire works

Our team consists of dozens of skilled and enthusiastic developers, who fine-tune the system on a daily basis for optimum efficiency in the after-sales process. Claire supports every step in the process by means of integrated checklists, and generates reports that make all actions of your staff visible and measurable.

Ease to use is everything at Claire. After all, a more efficient work process starts with a flawless and simple operating system. A connection with your DMS ensures that all customer data is synchronized and immediately visible. In addition, Claire is Cloudbased, so you can log in anytime and anywhere and get started immediately; installation is unnecessary. Something that is good in the modern time must be shared  with your client of course. Claire offers the possibility to remotely communicate the outcomes of the check to customers.

Why Claire?

Claire emerged from the realization that the changing perception of society requires a changing view on entrepreneurship. The reason why, for example, a large part of the PSA Group that embraced Claire Automotive Support because our theory and the practice are very close to each other. The program is based on personal experiences from the field, within a car company. Currently, approximately 100 dealer organizations in the BeNeLux are affiliated with Claire. Thousands of employees, spread over more than 200 locations, work with our standards. And to full satisfaction.

Satisfied employees and satisfied customers; at optimal use, the profit with Claire is twice as big. Especially in the long term. Because in the end nothing is as sustainable as a loyal customer. That is the guarantee of Claire Automotive Support.

EVHC software module

The process management tool is based on the Lean principles. By properly studying and mapping the automotive after-sales processes, we are at the start of the change. By properly implementing the Lean thoughts on the after-sales process by standardizing and automating processes, this will have an effect on after-sales returns.

Claire is een proces management tool die ontstaan is uit de noodzaak om processen te optimaliseren. Oprichter Alex visser oud eigenaar van Visser automotive in Nijkerk heeft tijden de crisis een zware tijd gehad. Tijden de crisis zag de heer Visser dat zijn omdat naar beneden ging zag dat het tijd was voor verandering, Claire is geboren.


Claire is the automotive after-sales tool. Claire is the tool to make the after-sales process run like a well-oiled machine. Claire gains insight into the process within automotive after-sales.