The future in automotive after sales

Claire is a unique, process driven tool consisting of a web app and android app including a digital work order, evhc module and clear processflow that make the workplace process run like an oiled machine.

The result: more overview, transparent process, therefore less waste, more enjoyment in the workplace & higher customer satisfaction.

A digital process

Claire helps you to a digital after sales process with a digital work order, digital checklists, clear process steps and digital customer reports.

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Never search again

No losing to time with searching for all those work orders lying around. Now you just have them all digitally in 1 overview and you know exactly what the status of the work order is!

Detailed Reporting

All actions and process steps are measured in Claire. As a result, the reporting module quickly shows where potential bottlenecks are.

Transparant for the customer

With the EVHC module, the complete state of the car is recorded transparently for both the customer and employees.

Structure in the process

Less stress in the workplace, by capturing all information digitally and at one central point, everything is clear to everyone.

More efficient and less waste

Together we strive for less waste and more efficiency. It starts within the heart of the company, at the processes. It starts with the Claire software: the digital process tool for the automotive after sales. In a responsible manner more profitability and higher customer satisfaction from fewer hours; who doesn’t dream about that?

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Our facts and figures

At Claire, we like to make our story true. What's in it for you?

1. Efficiently up with 40%

Less lost time in waiting, unnecessary walking, lack of clarity in work and communication

2. Higher customer satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction plus loyalty thanks to more transparency, speed and clarity

3. Increase of billable hours

An increase from an average of 1,500 to 1,700 billable hours per technician per year.

4. Transparant process

A harmonious working atmosphere as a result of transparency

What our customers say about Claire

What our customers say about Claire

Start your digital aftersales with Claire!